Our Story

Before starting Maple & Elm, the owners managed a hotel. I know what you’re thinking, how do hotel managers go from that walk of life into selling luxury gifts? Well, its a pretty simple transition, when you hear our story....

As you may have already guessed, managing hotels is all about customer service. The most important thing is turning a first time guest into a regular, repeat customer, and keeping repeat guests happy so they keep coming back. We felt giving our customers great service at an affordable price, and offering a quality product was always going to be a recipe for success, and it was...

A lot of our clientele in the hotel were salespeople, government employees, or just people who enjoyed our city. These guests would come monthly or even weekly depending on the reason for coming, and stay 4 or 5 days a week. A lot of them saw our staff more than their own families. To keep these regular guests happy, especially the ones in the city for work, we would routinely leave gifts and gift hampers in their rooms to celebrate certain occasions or seasons. This proved a great way in creating a welcoming and appreciative relationship.

The problem our management team had was sourcing quality gift hampers. The vast majority of the hampers on the market, were filled with low quality, substandard products, and or were poorly presented. Finding quality hampers for our guests that we could be comfortable or even proud to give out became such a problem we decided to create our own hampers. We designed and sourced custom boxes and then went about contacting suppliers for the best products available. We took time to present and arrange the products with care and style, something we found the successful, larger hamper businesses simply did not care to do.

We found that our hampers were so successful, appreciated and enjoyed by our customers that they requested we send them to their customers, clients and loved ones.

The lack of quality gift hampers, and gifting businesses in the market, and the demand for our in-house hampers led to the development of Maple & Elm. The idea of providing something to make our customers happy, lit a flame in us. Creating hampers and providing gifts for people is a special job to be in. It is said that gift giving can be just as enjoyable as gift receiving. Imagine, we get to be part of someones joy of gift giving and the recipients joy of receiving daily, after all its our job! We really have a burning desire to provide quality gifts, at an affordable price. We pride ourselves on an eye for detail and work hard on the wow factor our clients get when opening a Maple & Elm hamper or any of our products.